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Hample Makes Second Tonight Show Appearance

Famous Ballhawk Shares Ballhawking Insight With Conan and Actor Jeff Garlin

NBC/Tonight Show

Hample and Conan shared lots of laughs during the 8-minute segment.

When Zack Hample took the stage on the Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, he wasn't too nervous. He'd been there before. And in his second Tonight Show appearance, he delivered another memorable performance, complete with Ballhawking insight, humor, and a surprise charitable donation from a Hollywood actor.

Last year he scored an appearance on the Tonight Show, but at that time Jay Leno was the host. Conan O'Brien has since taken over, and his style is decidedly different than Leno's. Regardless, Conan provided an entertaining interview, giving Hample the opportunity to share ballhawking stories and explain some of his strategies. He also played a montage of footage showing some of Hample's home run snags.

As an added bonus, Hample got to talk a little bit about the money he has earned for charity by snagging balls this year. Actor Jeff Garlin, the other guest on the show, took the opportunity to pitch in his own contribution. "For the record, Garlin gave me a $20 bill for the charity, not a $10 bill (because he didn't have one)," Hample wrote.

After the segment, Hample received some kind words from Conan. "He told me the segment was great and thanked me for coming on," Hample wrote on his blog. "and I told him that I hoped I wasn't too feisty, and he was like, 'No no, not at all, it was hilarious.'"

Hample's blog contains all the details on his appearance, including behind-the-scenes photos and inside information about the Tonight Show. Click here to read the complete entry.

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