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Hample Voted 2009 Ballhawk of the Year

Memorable Season Includes Huge Numbers, Record-Breaking Performances

Zack Hample's Blog 2009 Ballhawk of the Year, Zack Hample

On the heels of his second consecutive 500+ Ball season, Zack Hample was voted the first inaugural Ballhawk of the Year by his fellow myGameBalls Members. Earning two-thirds of the first-place votes, Hample totaled 46 points and was choice of the overwhelming majority to receive the award.

Hample's season highlights are almost too numerous to list, but they include breaking his single-game high with 32 balls at Kauffman Stadium, snagging the 4000th ball of his career, snagging two foul balls in one game in Baltimore, and snagging late-season game home runs in both Baltimore and New York. Also the winner of Erik Jabs' Ballhawk League, Hample was the myGameBalls leader in total balls (538), average per game (8.97), double-digit games (24), and single-game high (32).

The runner-up for the award was Erik Jabs, who received 2 first place votes and totaled 27 points. Greg Barasch, the third-place winner, also received 2 first place votes and totaled 13 points.

zackhample 142046
erikj 29327
gbarasch 22313
dhaltom 0317
mannywood 0237
alexk 0124
sonicmaj 1014
bbshagger 1003
garyk 1003
ballhawk 0022
mike357 0102
ranter 0102
bhrookie 0011
cjpyankee 0011
cliffr 0011
padrel 0011

First place votes were worth 3 points, second place votes 2 points, and third place votes 1 point.

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