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Hernandez Tops List of Ballhawk-Friendly Players

Edges Out New York's Phil Coke For Most Toss-Ups in 2009

Zack Hample's Blog

Hernandez, pictured above, was a fan-favorite in 2009 at Citi Field.

When Livan Hernandez left the Mets this season and headed to the Nationals, fans in Washington got much more than just a new pitcher - they got a Ballhawk's dream. Hernandez was always known as a generous giver of baseballs, but this season it was confirmed that he is in fact the single most generous ball-giver in the Major Leagues.

It clearly wasn't a scientific study, and the sample size of fans wasn't extremely large, but in the final tally, Hernandez threw more balls into the seats than any other player. In total, 16 balls left his hand and ended up in the hands of a myGameBalls Member.

Hernandez's friendly demeanor and generous attitude made him a fan favorite not only this season, but throughout his career. Because of him, countless individuals left the ballpark with a smile and an authentic MLB souvenir.

Joining Hernandez at the top of the list is Yankees' pitcher Phil Coke, Pirates' outfielder Brandon Moss, Dodgers' pitcher Ramon Troncoso, and Nationals' pitcher Garrett Mock. Here's the complete list of 2009's most Ballhawk-friendly players:

Hernandez, Livan 16
Coke, Phil 14
Moss, Brandon 14
Troncoso, Ramon 12
Mock, Garrett 11
Pelfrey, Mike 11
Snell, Ian 10
Stokes, Brian 10
Capps, Matt 9
Guzman, Cristian 9
Kelleher, Mick 9
Palmer, Matt 9
Belisario, Ronald 8
Figueroa, Nelson 8
Parnell, Bobby 8
Phillips, Jason 8
Ramirez, Manny 8
Villone, Ron 8
Wilson, C.J. 8
Adams, Mike 7
Beasley, Tony 7
Bergmann, Jason 7
Bloomquist, Willie 7
Hanrahan, Joel 7
Mclouth, Nate 7
Misch, Pat 7
Niemann, Randy 7
Veras, Jose 7

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