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New Tool Shows Which Stadium Locations are the Most Snag-Friendly

The snagtracker shows the hot spots where the most action is.

Serious ballhawks know pretty much everything there is to know about their home ballpark. They know where to position themselves during BP, where to go in pursuit of a player toss-up, and even where to go to find the best glove trick opportunities.

But when they travel to an out-of-town stadium, it's a different story. They don't really know where the snagging hot spots are and sometimes waste valuable batting practice time just getting a feel for the new stadium, trying to determine where to go to maximize their ball total.

But now, with the launch of the Snag Tracker on, ballhawks will be able to do a little pre-game research and look like a pro at any ballpark in the league. With a few clicks, ballhawks can now see a complete map of all the balls that have been snagged at a given ballpark and zero in on the hot spots.

The hot spots, colored in red, mark the spots with the highest percentage of balls snagged. The results can be filtered by the method that they were snagged, so hot spots can be determined for Hit balls only, Thrown balls only, or Retrieved balls only. The results can also be limited to an individual member so you can see where certain ballhawks get the majority of their balls.

Check it out! It's a great tool for ballhawks of all experience levels.

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