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Barratt Holding onto Lead In 2009 Game Home Runs

Remains Only Ballhawk to Snag More than 1 This Season

With 3 Game Home Run Balls in 2009, Leigh Barratt (sn=padreL) is the current 2009 leader. Barratt, a regular at PETCO Park in San Diego, is often right in the thick of things when a ball sails into the bleachers, and is actually a little disappointed he doesn't have more than 3. "I've been close on a couple others this year, but they've just been out of reach," he said.

His first of the season came on opening day when Matt Kemp of the Dodgers hit a homer to dead center. The ball bounced onto the field and was thrown back up by an outfielder. The second of the year was a Henry Blanco home run on April 11 that he caught on the fly. The third was an Edgar Gonzalez home run that he also caught on the fly.

The most memorable of the 3 for Barratt was the Blanco home run. "I told my seatmate next to me that we should be 'heads up' because Blanco could put it out here," he said. "The very next pitch he smoked a line drive right at us. I sit in row 2 on the aisle and I jumped up and ran forward to the wall. I beat two other guys out there to the spot. I boxed out a taller guy with a glove and jumped at the last second and made the catch."

With the All-Star Break approaching, Barratt is pleased with the first half of the season but is ready to snag some more bombs in the second half. "I'm hoping to get at least one more HR this year to make it four (my favorite number)," he said.

- The photo shown is courtesy of the San Diego Union Tribune. -

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