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Pelescak Has 18-Ball Week, Prevails in BHL Week 2

Ballhawk Has Impressive Week Dispite Horrible Weather in Pittsburgh

Nick Pelescak's Blog

Pelescak's big week started on Wednesday at the Indians/Rangers game at Progressive Field, where he snagged 5 balls.

Snagging 18 balls over 4 games last week, Pittsburgh ballhawk Nick Pelescak dominated the field in Week number 2 of the BHL and also tied his buddy Erik Jabs for the lead in the season standings with 27 total balls. Averaging 4.5 balls on the week, Pelescak started the week with a 5 ball performance on the road at Progressive Field, and then snagged 2 balls, 7 balls, and 4 balls during the Pirates' 3 game series against the Reds at PNC Park.

Pelescak's 18 balls included 6 Hit balls, 9 Thrown balls, and 3 Found balls. His point total for the week was 60, over 20 points higher than the next highest competitor. No foul balls or game home run balls were recorded by any of the 9 ballhawks who attended games during the week.

Pelescak has had success in the past finding easter eggs at Progressive Field, and he found two more during Wednesday's batting practice. He also recorded two toss-ups and a Josh Hamilton BP homer.

His next game, on Friday back home at PNC Park, had some bad weather and batting practice was cancelled. He still managed to snag two balls, including an in-game toss-up from Andrew McCutchen. "I purchased a ticket for the center field seats so I could play the Andrew Mccuthcen toss ups with no hassle from the usher or fans," he wrote on his blog. "It paid off, and I got hassled anyway by bitter fans. Mccutchen threw ball in line with me but a little high, I guess the gloveless fans behind me thought that was their ball, well I thought different, I leaped up a bit full extension and caught Ball #2."

Saturday's game was his best of the week, totaling 7 balls dispite more poor weather. There was batting practice, however, and after entering the gates and finding an easter egg, Pelescak snagged two Ronny Cedeno home runs, including his first on-the-fly catch of the year. "There were two unknown teenagers to my left and right at this point both with gloves and seemingly unskilled," he wrote. " I was able to maneuver around the both of them to snag the two balls hit by Cedeno." He followed that up by grabbing two Lastings Milledge homers and a Heberto Andrade bomb to run his total up to 7.

Pelescak battled more bad weather on Sunday. The Reds cancelled batting practice, but Pelescak managed to get toss-ups from Homer Bailey, Zach Duke, and Arthur Rhodes. Once again, he positioned himself for in-game toss-ups from McCutchen and came away with a ball. "I positioned myself behind all of the fans, and scrappy Jim," he wrote, referring to a fellow ballhawk. "His first toss up would bounce off a group of fans about half way into the section, then bounce off Jims stiff glove and land two seats away from me, I would pick it up easily for Ball #4."

Pelescak and Jabs are currently tied for the season lead with 27 balls apiece. Jabs has a slight edge with 97 BHL points compared to Pelescak's 95. Zack Hample, Joe Faraguna, and Shawn B round out the top 5 in both total balls and BHL points.

The week was a difficult one for Pelescak, who constantly had to fight against cold and rainy weather. "I hope that these very cold, and dreary days are over for a while," he wrote. "I am glad to have survived this chilling, dreary three game set with the stats I was able to put up. Things have got to get warmer from this point on."

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