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Hample Shatters Progressive Field Record

24 Ball Total on Monday Night Doubles Previous Record of 12

Zack Hample's Blog

Hample pauses for a photo in the middle of his 24-ball snag-fest.

Prior to Monday night, the all-time snagging record at Progressive Field was 12 balls, set by Erik Jabs on August 11, 2009. But when Zack Hample got through having a field day at the Indians/Blue Jays game, Jabs' 12-ball performance was only good for second place - and a very distant second place at that.

In fact, Hample successfully doubled the previous record, finishing with a total of 24 balls. With a measly 10,117 fans in attendance, the record-shattering performance was almost too easy. In addition to finding 7 easter eggs, he was the recipient of multiple toss-ups from three different players. David Huff, Shaun Marcum, and Chris Perez threw Hample two balls each, the last of which was an in-game toss-up from Perez.

"I know it's a random/meaningless 'accomplishment,' but I'd bet that no one else has ever done it," he remarked on his blog.

His final tally could have been even higher. He narrowly missed snagging Jose Bautista's second-inning homer, and he also was barely beat out by another fan for a toss-up at the end of the game.

The 24-ball game moved Hample into a tie with Mike Calabro for 4th place on the season leaderboard with 62 balls. With three games this week at Target Field, he should make some more progress towards the top. His incredible 12.4 balls per game average is the highest this season on

Read more about Zack Hample's record-break performance on his blog

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