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Bracco Snags Miguel Tejada Foul Ball

Ball Scooped Off Warning Track is Bracco's First Foul Ball Snagged Outside New York

Tony Bracco's Blog

The Tejada foul ball, shown here, contains a bat mark on the side.

New York ballhawk Tony Bracco went on the road to Baltimore last week for three games, returning with 10 baseballs including his fourth career foul ball. The foul ball, hit by the Orioles' Miguel Tejada, was his first outside of New York.

Bracco and a few of his buddies arrived for batting practice on Tuesday afternoon ready to snag some baseballs, but things didn't quite go as planned and Bracco ended BP with only three balls. So he took his seat to watch his beloved Yankees, hoping to also get an opportunity for a game ball.

"Before the game started I asked Dom if I could grab the aisle seat in case of foul balls," he wrote on his blog. "I was thinking I would hopefully get a foul ball by one landing in the seats behind us."

His big opportunity, however, came on a ball that is normally quickly snagged by someone in the front row. Tejada hit one on the ground down the third base side, and the ball rolled towards several fans in the front row who made a play on it. "I see a couple of people go for it but apparently they came up empty," Bracco wrote. "So I jump out of my seat with my glove still on and look over the wall and what do I see... Foul Ball!"

With ease, he calmly reached is glove down and scooped it off the warning track. "I then give a little fist pump and casually walk up the stairs back to my seat," he wrote. "Everyone is looking at me and I toss the ball up in the air and I give a big cheesy smile! I couldn't believe how easy that was!"

Not only did Bracco add to his game ball stats, but he also obtained a ball hit off the bat of the 2002 American League MVP. Of course he would have rather it been from a Yankee, but nonetheless he'll take it.

Read the full report of Tony Bracco's foul ball snag on his blog

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