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33-Ball Week Propels Mannywood Into Top 5

Dodger Stadium Regular Has 5 Big Games, Including 2nd Career Double-Digit Game

Jose Mannywood

Mannywood shows off his final ball of the week as well as his pink MLB wristbands from Think Cure.

Los Angeles Ballhawk Jose Mannywood made a giant leap on the season leaderboard this past week, snagging 33 balls to go from 37 balls to his current total of 70. Attending five consecutive games at Dodger Stadium, he started with a 10-ball performance, the second double-digit outing of his career, then followed up with 8 balls, 4 balls, 3 balls, and 8 balls.

Mannywood showed off his glove skills throughout the week, snagging a total of 13 balls off the bat. "I been catching a lot of balls on the fly this season," he said. All 13 were snagged in the left field bleachers, and they included balls hit by Troy Tulowitzki, Ronnie Belliard, and Ryan Braun.

The Tulowitzki snag was his most memorable. "I had to go down the stairwell and got under it right to my glove," he said. "Everyone was like wow! Pretty exciting catch! Top Play!" He also snagged back-to-back homers from Ryan Braun, documenting the snags on YouTube.

His uncanny ability to build a rapport with players also proved beneficial, resulting in 9 toss-ups. His 33-ball total also included 5 easter eggs as well as 6 balls that he mysteriously marked as "Unknown".

Mannywood's continued presence in the Dodger Stadium bleachers has allowed him to have a lot of memorable encounters with players, and last week was no exception. The most memorable occurred during Wednesday's game. "Dodgers Pitcher Ramon Ortiz let me borrow his glove and I let him borrow mine for a while," he said. "His glove sucks I didn't get any balls while wearing it!"

Check out Mannywood's spectacular snags on YouTube

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