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Powell Scores Big in Photo Scavenger Hunt

Texas Fan Earns 8 Points For Posing For a Photo During Max Ramirez's Home Run Trot

Brian Powell

Powell smiles for the camera as Ramirez trots toward 3rd base.

When Rangers' catcher Max Ramirez went deep in the 6th inning at Rangers Ballpark at Arlington, the hometown fans went wild, celebrating their third homer of the night in what ended up being a 10-1 drubbing of the Athletics. Rangers' fan Brian Powell joined the celebration, but simultaneously he scrambled to earn big points in the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Having printed out the complete list of photos for the contest, Powell knew that he could earn 8 points by snapping a picture of himself cheering with the crowd while a home run hitter was between second and third base. He quickly got his friend to get the camera ready and then got into place to pose for the picture just as Ramirez was rounding second.

The picture came out great, and Powell got on the board with his first 8 points of the contest. A few other members have uploaded photos for the contest, but Powell's 8-pointer put him in the lead. The "home run trot" is the second most sought-after photo in the contest - the only photo in the contest with a higher point value is a photo with a guy with a mullet.

The year-long contest is still in its early stages, and the final winner won't be declared until after the final World Series game. A $25 MLB Gift Card is on the line, and at this point it's still anybody's game.

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