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Ball Hawk Talk

Everyone can dream on . . . Opening Day

Well here it goes my first article for! Thanks Alan for the website, and the opportunity to write. With opening day only a week away it's time for fans in every major league city to hope and in some cases dream of the season to come. Heck, who would have thought a year ago that the San Francisco Giants with their lineup would seriously be able to contend for the National League Western Division much less a World Championship!

As we start the new season, fans in cities will be hoping that their free agent signings and/or promising rookies will become pieces for their team to contend for the playoffs.

As ball hawks, we can also dream. Dream of catching more baseballs, commemorative baseballs, milestone home runs, getting autographs, batting gloves, or maybe even a bat! So, to all of the ball hawks out there, we've got a week or so to get everything in order to begin the season on the right foot. Weather you set goals or just add as you go along now is the time to get ready for the season. Who knows, maybe there will be a new, younger, or older ball hawk like myself to come along and take over as season ball leader this season.

So to all ball hawks alike good luck in 2011. Go out to the stadium and put your best effort forward and may all of your goals or dreams come true. Because on Opening Day: anything is possible!

Matt Hersl is a contributing columnist to

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