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Ranter's Banter

Ranter's Banter Edition 3

I'm interested in what other Ballhawks do during the baseball off season to fill the void.

  • Do you get away from baseball entirely, saving yourself for spring?
  • Do you scour EBay looking for baseball cards or trinkets or that you can get autographed next season?
  • Do you search the internet for hours at a time looking for any little tidbit of baseball information you can find to read?
  • Do you plan out your next baseball season? Work on your game schedule? Plan a Spring Training trip or a regular season road trip?
  • Do you immerse yourself in other sports just to fill the baseball void?
  • If you're married is this the time of year your wife gives you the "Honey Do" list and your weekends are filled?

Ballhawks come from all walks of life, I'd be curious to know what you do.

I'm a combination of several of the above. Spring training for me is a given. I know I'm going Arizona sometime in March, it's just a question of when and for how long. It's fun to look at the schedules of the different teams in the Cactus League and work on my plan of attack. Trying to catch pre-game batting practice n the morning at one stadium and then seamlessly making it to another stadium in time for another batting practice before an evening game. I'm in Arizona to do the most damage in the least amount of time.

Since May I've been working on restoring my Mobile Blogging Unit called "Vanny Castilla". A 1969 VW bus that will be used exclusively for Spring Training and Broncos Tailgating. If all goes as planned Vanny (named after Vinny Castilla), will roll south for Spring Training 2012.

Most importantly of all I'm taking one day off in the middle of the Spring Training trip to go fishing at Lake Pleasant where we'll be camping during our stay in Arizona.

I'm married and I spend a good part of the off season taking care of the "Honey Do" list. Happy wife=Happy life. A wise friend told me that years ago and he spoke the truth.

In previous years I would attended about ten Denver Nuggets games a season and try to make at least two Broncos games. This year Basketball has been a disappointment and I doubt I'll attend any Nugget games. On the plus side we were fortunate enough to be offered Broncos season tickets after waiting nine years on the season ticket holder list. Tim Tebow has made our first year as Broncos season ticket holders exciting to say the least and attending the games and tailgating beforehand has been crazy fun.

Think about this?

Between all of us we snag thousands of baseballs a season. How many baseballs do we really need? I mean sure you keep the monumental baseballs, but do you really need another dirty batting practice baseball? Try this, If you give that ball away to a deserving kid and not only do you make that kids day you give Ballhawks a good name and we need all the help we can get.

I have a suggestion for Alan, how hard would it be to track how many baseballs we give away during a game? It could be included on our individual stats page. Maybe Alan could post that number up beside the total balls snagged on the front page of the site.

Total balls snagged and total balls given away. I think it's a good thing.

I'm "D" The Ranter, still blogging and taking pictures, you know keeping busy.

Tell me how do you fill the Baseball void until spring?..."D"

D The Ranter is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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