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2012: One BallhawkFest, Two Locations

For those of you unable to attend last year's BallhawkFest at Camden Yards, you definitely missed out. We competed in a home run derby. We hung out, ate pizza, and got to know the ballhawks who previously were just a username on a website. We sported our BallhawkFest t-shirts to the game and proceeded to gobble up over 50 baseballs combined.

This year BallhawkFest will indeed be back, and this time it will literally be double the fun. I felt bad that our West Coast friends got left out last season, so in 2012 there will *two* BallhawkFests -- one on the East Coast and one of the West Coast. But let's not think of it as two BallhawkFests -- instead let's think of it as *one* BallhawkFest, but in two locations (and on two different dates).

The East Coast half of the event will take place on Saturday June 9 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The Pirates will be taking on the Kansas City Royals at one of the best ballparks in the nation. Like last year, there will be a baseball/softball game, a luncheon at a local restaurant, and of course a huge afternoon/night of ballhawking.

A month and a half later, the second half of the event, the West Coast version, will take place on Saturday July 28 at Angel Stadium. It will feature a matchup between the hometown Angels and the Tampa Bay Rays. Picking up where the East Coast version left off, there will be more baseball/softball, more food, and more ballhawking.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this event. Mark one or both of these dates on your calendar now.

If you're even slightly interested, please sign up for the official BallhawkFest email list. To get on the list for the Pittsburgh event, just send me an email. For the L.A. event, send an email to Matt Jackson, an L.A. ballhawk who has volunteered to organize the event.

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