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A View From Deep Left

For the Love of the Ball

Why do we love a baseball? Why do we get to the ball park early to attend batting practice and stand in the summer sun to chase down a baseball? Why do we go to as many games as we can? What fuels our passion for our sport?

Some of us remember playing catch with that ball for hours on end at 9 years old. Some of us remember the great times we spent with our Dads or Moms learning the game of baseball, or going to a game with him, or her. Us "Baby Boomers" remember a time when baseball was king over football in America. That ball represents all the great times we had playing the game on sand lots, or in little league with our friends, and watching the game on TV with our families. The baseball represents the history of the game, and the game we love!

Sometimes the ball is a piece of history! Sometimes the ball is a personal stat. Sometimes the ball is a gesture of GOOD WILL or KINDNESS towards a fellow fan, by giving it away to a fellow ball hawk that didn't get a ball that day, or to an elderly couple that could never again run around the park to get their own, or to a young child or fan that doesn't know how to ask for a ball, their first time at the park, or a Special Needs child. The ball "makes my day" at the park! The ball also makes these other people's day at the park too! (At the end of the day, isn't that what this is all about...having FUN?!)

The ball has a ton of history behind it (Ballhawks, please go out and buy a copy of Zack Hample's book: "The Baseball"...a must read!). The ball is a souvenir; it says, I was there! It also says, I had the guts to ask for one, or the skill to catch one or chase one down. The ball is a challenge for Ballhawks, to see if we can obtain at least one per game and build our collections. The ball is a platform for autographs! The ball could be your "nest egg" if you had "Babe Ruth's" signature on it! The ball is a source of fun for millions of little boys and girls that take one home from the ball park and go play catch with them at home. The ball is a conversation piece if placed in a ball cube and put on the desk or shelf for an adult office worker.

So you see, there are many reasons why we love the baseball! I'm sure that you can come up with your own reasons why you love the baseball too. I'm just trying to get you back into the "Ball Hawking Spirit"!!!

Rocco Sinisi is a contributing columnist to

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