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Set Your Goals

With the season just beginning, now is the perfect time to set a few goals for the 2012 season. Maybe, you are just getting into the hobby and want to snag your very 1st baseball. Maybe, you are a seasoned hawk and wish to set a new personal high or break a few stadium records. Perhaps, you want to top the century mark for the 1st time or snag a milestone homer.

How does crossing another stadium or two off your list of parks visited sound? Maybe, you want to obtain that coveted autograph from your favorite ballplayer, take your Mom/Dad to the ol' ballgame (cherish the moment!) or take a long baseball road-trip. Maybe, you're like me and you focus on game home runs. Whatever it is that drives you, you have to set your goals. If the pros do it, so can we...goals give us the direction and motivation we need to succeed!

Use the comment section below and respond with your list of goals for this ballhawking season. Then, at the end of the year, look back and see what you've accomplished! You may be pleasantly surprised.

I'll kick things off with my list of 2012 goals...

  • Snag at least 6 game home runs
  • Visit 3 new ballparks
  • Snag a Ryan Braun homer
  • Make a few new friends
  • Snag any milestone home run (Braun's 1000th career hit would be sweet)
  • Snag a playoff home run ball
  • Attend Ballhawk Fest in Pittsburgh (fingers crossed)
  • Add another Ryan Braun game bat to my collection (currently, I have seven)
  • Throw out the 1st pitch at a Brewers game (this may be tough to pull off)
  • Eat a Primanti Bros. sandwich at PNC Park
  • Heckle Ryan Roberts
  • Buy Todd Cook lunch
  • Avoid major injury
  • Live happily ever after...

Nick Yohanek is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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