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A View From the Bleachers

BallhawkFest Part II This Saturday!

It's almost here! After two successful East Coast campaigns, BallhawkFest (West Coast Edition) hits Anaheim this Saturday, July 28th. To be certain anyone and everyone who's interested knows about it--this article is a refresher on the day full of activities for the hardcore ballhawk or the casual baseball snagger.

First, the plan is to meet at 11am to play some ball. I've made a reservation for Shaffer Park in Orange, CA.

( The address is 1930 North Shaffer Street, Orange, CA 92865. I'll be there at 11am - and we have the field for two hours! Depending on the number of people, we may play a game, we may do some home run derby, we may just hit fly balls to each other. I'll bring some gear--but bring bats, balls, gloves, etc. if you've got it! And tell your friends and families about it, too! The more folks that are there, the more options we'll have! It's supposed to be a beautiful day in Orange County.

At 1pm we'll head to a local pizza restaurant...a firm reservation hasn't been made just yet but a few options (for you locals that know these places) are Oggi's, Round Table, or Zito's. Let me know if you have suggestions! Also, we might do some sort of prizes/raffles or something--thoughts? If you'd like to provide a piece of baseball memorabilia for this, send me an e-mail!

Then, the main event: Angels vs. Rays at Angel Stadium!

The gates open at 4pm... so we'll leave the restaurant at 3ish and reconvene at the stadium. It's a 6:05pm start time--and there is a post-game concert (Goo Goo Dolls) so it'll be a big crowd. Get your tickets now if you haven't already. Playing baseball, good food, a major league game and a concert! All while spending the day with fellow ballhawks?!? It sounds too good to be true!

Just send a message to me at if you have questions, want to know more about the day, or simply want to confirm your presence on the 28th. I'd love to get a firm count of who will be attending by Thursday or Friday so I can adequately prepare - just e-mail me or comment on this article!

Let me know about family/friends you're bringing along... the more, the merrier! I'm hoping to get a dozen or so of us! I hope to hear from you soon!

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