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The 2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt

It's time for the 4th annual Photo Scavenger Hunt, a contest I started in 2010 to give members the chance to compete in something other than ballhawking. If you're not familiar with how the contest works, it's pretty simple. Just bring a camera to the ballpark and attempt to capture photos on the list below. When you upload your photos you'll be awarded points and the standings will be kept up to date on the Photo Scavenger Hunt page. Here's the list of photos:

  • You posing with a commemorative baseball - 2 points
  • You eating a food item that is named after a baseball player - 2 points
  • You juggling (or attempting to juggle) 3 baseballs while standing in line waiting for the gate to open - 2 points
  • You posing with a player while both you and the player are gripping a baseball bat - 3 points
  • You posing for a photo while in the background an American League pitcher is hitting - 3 points
  • You posing with a player who is wearing a turn-back-the-clock uniform - 4 points
  • You posing with a player while wearing a matching baseball uniform. This includes same color hat, same color jersey, same color baseball pants, and same color belt. 5 Point Bonus if the text on the hat and jersey are exactly the same - 4 points
  • You swinging a bat at the BallhawkFest softball game - 5 points
  • You posing at the exact spot where home plate existed in a former MLB stadium - 5 points
  • At least three players standing in a group whose jersey numbers are visible and satisfy this mathematical formula: one player's number equals the sum of the other players' numbers - 5 points
  • A photo of you standing in a completely empty section of seats during a rain delay. The photo must show the entire section and the tarp on the field - 5 points
  • You and another member standing in an empty row of seats in which each cupholder contains a baseball - 6 points
  • Two players standing together whose jersey numbers are visible and satisfy this mathematical formula: one player's number equals the square root of the other player's number - 6 points
  • You posing with any player mentioned in the "Mitchell Report." Both you and the player must be flexing a bicep muscle - 7 points
  • You posing with a player who has hit over 300 career home runs in the stadium where he hit his first Major League home run - 7 points
  • You posing with a pitcher who has over 100 career wins in the stadium where he recorded his first Major League home win - 7 points
  • A group of players standing together whose names are visible on their jerseys and when combined contain every letter in the English language excluding X, Z, and Q. 20 point bonus for a photo with all 26 letters - 8 points
  • A player wearing a t-shirt - 9 points
  • A screen capture of you appearing on any MLB Network show in any fashion, excluding game footage/highlights - 10 points
  • BONUS 1: You with a stadium name sign in the background with you holding a baseball snagged that day at that stadium (1 point per stadium for a max of 30 points).
  • BONUS 2: You posing with the member who has snagged the most career balls at the stadium you are at (according to, 2 points per stadium for a max of 60 points)

There's 100 possible points, and things should be really interesting this year with a total of 90 possible bonus points. Once again the prize is a $25 MLB Gift Card. Have fun and good luck!

All photos must be taken during the 2013 calendar year. All photos must be uploaded to your account. The contest ends at the conclusion of the last World Series game. Each photo submitted will either receive the full point value, or no points, based entirely on the discretion of President Alan Schuster. Photos may be challenged as to their authenticity by submitting an email statement to Alan Schuster. The person with the highest point total will be awarded the $25 MLB Gift Card, to be mailed within 1 month after the last World Series game. In the event of a tie, the person who uploaded their final photo on the earliest date will be declared the winner.

Alan Schuster is a contributing columnist to

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