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An Open Letter to the Ballhawking Community

Dear members of the mygameballs family, I am the real DodgerDaniel. I would like to apologize to everybody I let down. These last 3 weeks have been very hard. From finding out I'm a trending topic on the "mygameballs" twitter feed, to a column written by the admin Alan Schuster, I felt it was time to make a change and come forward.

I've really gotten only a few balls, throughout my "attempted" ballhawking careers. The real balls were on my profile. The others were all PHONIES! I wanted to be apart of the mygameballs family, but LYING to all you great guys out there wasn't the way to do it.

I've really seen these last 3 weeks what an impact it's had on so many people. I've dissappointed Mr. Schuster and all you ballhawks who looked at my profile. I didn't realize I was on the season leaderboard, until I was notified by Alan over my column.

Based on all that's transpired in the last 3 weeks, I am determined to make a comeback, but not this season. I need some time to change my ways and show myself, Alan and all of you guys I won't do this. I should be back on by Exhibiton games in March to Opening Day in April 2014. I don't want to be like "Mack Spackle" and get kicked off the site.

Feel free to comment on the site, or the "mygameballs" twitter page. A special thanks to Alan for helping me and supporting me throughout this situation and to all the other ballhawks who spoke up. I don't want to win "Ballhawk of the Year" and strip that away from somebody who really deserves it for their performance in the 2013 season


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