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Spring Kickoff 2014

Almost ten years after the Expos left Montreal, baseball is back in Quebec's metropolis.

Of course, it is only for two games, but it will allows many fans and ballhawks to finally have a glance of the Olympic Stadium. I thought it was a great occasion for ballhawks to gather and make a cool event out of it. I talked to Alan and we both think that it could be a great "Spring Kickoff 2014". We still need to know if ballhawks are interested and if they want to participate in the event. We want to hear your comments and suggestions about it.

Here's what it will look like:

Where: Olympic Stadium in Montreal (Within 6 hours of drive from Rochester, Boston, Toronto and Cooperstown)

When: March 28-29 2014 (The event will be probably held on the Saturday)

Why: Because this is awesome to have the opportunity to see a ballgame in a former MLB stadium. This may be the last chance you'll have to visit "The Big O"! Plus, which other baseball stadiums have an observation deck and serve poutine?

What: The schedule for the day is still unclear, put it will probably include a baseball game, a group meal at a restaurant and maybe an ascension of the Olympic Stadium's tower, the highest inclined tower in the world.

Of course, this event can't be a success without your participation. We are hoping to gather around 10 ballhawks. If you are interested, please send me an email.

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