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A View From Deep Left

Baseball Art

Don't you all hate it when you go to the ball park, and some goofball fan or usher asks you, "what do you do with all the baseballs you snag"? I do. This question bothers the crap out of me! How are we supposed to answer this question? There is no good answer. It's none of their business anyway!

This question is insulting, and insinuates that we are all BALL HOGS!!! They want us to tell on ourselves, and say that we are selfish, and keep all the baseballs we snag for ourselves, or sell them, so they can hate us! That's how I perceive it...I'm sure there are a few sincere people that ask this question, because they are bewildered that we snag this many baseballs at one game. They never believe that we give baseballs away to little kids, until they actually see us doing it; then they are like, oh, that is so sweet. Well, I've got a new line for them, and you...BASEBALL ART!!!

My wife and I a few years ago, had a chance to go down into the Diamond Seat area (behind home plate) of the ball park at Great American Ball Park on a stadium tour, and also to have a lunch meeting as a season ticket holder down there once, and I noticed these giant glass bowls filled with baseballs, and the pathway that leads to the buffet line that looked like giant fish tanks filled with baseballs & bats! I thought, wow, this is so cool! It got me to thinking about the possibilities of actually making my own Baseball Art, and putting it in my "Man-Cave"! Then, it got me to thinking that, I could use this as a come-back line for those people that always ask me that question: "what do you do with all your baseballs"?

So, the next time you meet one of these people again, that ask you that goofy question, you will have a come-back line for them, and can now tell them that you are working on your "Baseball Art", as well as your baseball collection. And, you can tell them that you are working on filling every room in the house with it...I know, I'm being a bit of a "smart-ass", but it's true!

So, the next time someone asks you that age ole' question again...tell them: "BASEBALL ART"!!!

Hope you enjoyed this! As always, "Go have a ball"...I will.

Rocco Sinisi is a contributing columnist to

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