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BallhawkFest 2015

I haven't done a great job of publicizing it so far this year, but BallhawkFest 2015 will be happening in about a month. This year it will be held at the center of the ballhawking universe, New York City, and I'm fully expecting it to be our best BallhawkFest to date.

The date is August 1 and the Mets will be squaring off against the Nationals at Citi Field. My initial roster of BallhawkFest participants already has a bunch of big names, including Zack Hample, Greg Barasch, Alex Kopp, Rick Gold, Ben Weil, and Rick Sporcic. In total I've got over 20 ballhawks who are considering attending the event, and I'd expect that number to grow as we get closer to the date.

For those of you who haven't attended a BallhawkFest, I'd encourage to check out our BallhawkFest page to see some photos and blogs about past Fests. I personally have attended three out of the four BallhawkFests and have had a great time hanging out with ballhawks from across the country.

This year we'll start the day at DeWitt Clinton Park for a Home Run Derby and possibly a softball or stickball game. I really like the fact that this field has artificial turf; I've never played baseball on an artificial surface and I think it'll be a lot of fun. Plus it's always fun to see ballhawks show off their aleticism between the lines as opposed to outside the lines. As you'd expect, most ballhawks excel at both. By the way, if you happen to be horrible at baseball, there's no worries. Just come out and have fun -- no experience is neccessary.

For lunch we'll head over to the Foley's NY Pub & Restaurant, described as "An Irish Bar With a Baseball Attitude." Foley's is the PERFECT spot to gather for BallhawkFest. They've got great food, a casual, sports-saturated atmostphere, and most importantly, the largest sports memorabilia collection in New York City. I'm looking forward to an awesome time hanging out there, talking baseball and ballhawking, and handing out awards and prizes.

At lunch we'll also hand out the official BallhawkFest T-Shirts. The shirts are pretty unique this year, featuring a purple Tye-Dye design with names and numbers on the back. The shirts are already ready to order; just click over to our CustomInk Order Form to order your shirt and customize it with your name and number.

After Foley's we'll head over to Citi Field and storm the gates for BP. I'm hoping the Mets and Nats will be peppering the bleachers with baseballs and our group will be snagging the majority of them. I truly feel bad for the casual fans who show up hoping to possibly snag a baseball. Aside from getting a gift from one of our generous ballhawks, their chances aren't too good.

If you'd like to attend but aren't on our BallhawkFest email list, please Email Me to get on the list. The email list is where you'll stay up to date with the latest details.

BallhawkFest 2015 -- BE THERE!

Alan Schuster is a contributing columnist to

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