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The 2015 Snag of the Year

It's time for our second annual Snag of the Year vote! Needless to say, there were a ton of great snags this year, so narrowing them to a handful of snags was extremely difficult. Even after limiting the choices to one snag per ballhawk as I did last year, it was really tough to determine my nominations.

So after reviewing all of this season's game home runs and taking into account significance of the snag, overall athleticism, competition from other fans, and difficulty level, I arrived at these six snags, listed in alphabetical order by the ballhawk's last name:

Click here to cast your vote! Voting will end on Sunday, December 13 at 12:00 EST. Plans are in the works to announce the winner live on Ballhawk Talk!

As a side note, normally I would exclude myself from this contest, but I figured it wouldn't make sense to leave a 500th home run snag off the list.

I'd also like to include a quick shout-out to the snags that were really good but didn't quite make the cut. Here are my official Honorable Mentions:

Lastly, I was thinking of adding a new award for the top batting practice snag caught on tape. I asked for submissions but only got a couple so it doesn't look like it'll work this year. But for next year, try to get some good ones on tape so we can add this new award!

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