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A View From Deep Left

Multi-Tasking in Ballhawking

I bet you don't even know you are doing it... MULTI-TASKING! I bet you don't even realize how many small tasks you are performing while at the ball park snagging baseballs.

So, there you are, just in the the bleachers at what ever stadium, and you are about to engage in your favorite activity...ballhawking! While you are now focused on the batter that is up taking cuts in the cage, your mind starts to drift to looking at the beautiful ball park in all its splendor, the wonderful sunshine, or the pretty girls, or handsome guys at the park, then all of a sudden...thud!!! A ball gets hit up into the stands right near you, and you regain your focus! You then start to keep your eye back on the batter in hopes of snagging that cherished home run ball, but you also start to think about who's coming up next in the batting group.

So you're concentrating on the batter, but you then start thinking about toss up possibilities, checking out what pitchers are cool, and will possibly toss you a baseball. Then you start to check your line up cards to see this pitcher you have studied before, but just can't quite make sure if it's him. So now you are working on a toss up situation, when you see a group of kids head down toward that pitcher, then you say screw it, and go back to "home run hunting". During the "meat" of BP, you have to keep watching out for home run balls, while keeping your eyes peeled for toss up & Glove Trick possibilities, all the while trying to make sure you don't knock your knees into the railings, seats & cup holders!

So now, while home run hunting, you realize that a certain power hitter is going to launch balls in a different section, you have to head on down to that section. If you are not familiar with the ball park, you now have to figure out how to get to the new section. While in the new section, you see "Glove Trick" possibilities, so you put your glove trick together to try and snag one of these baseballs instead. While glove tricking the ball, you have to worry about, and keep a lookout for ushers & security guards, while also watching for idiot ball players to come and kick your glove away!

After this snag, people are, that was cool, and you say thanks and hand the ball to the nearest kid, and head back to your hot spot to get ready to snag homers. Once there, a fellow ballhawk wants to ask you who a certain player is. All the while again, you are also trying to take a few photos, pack your newly snagged baseballs away, and trying to get a drink of water, etc.

During the middle of BP, you have to swap out your gear for the other team, and get ready for a whole new crew, and do it all over again! Towards the end of BP you have to make some decisions as to where you want to make some other snags, like at the dugout, or the bullpen?

Once at the bullpen, you have to figure out where to stand for the best toss up possibilities. After bullpen, you have to figure out whether to play for foulballs during the game, or go "Big Game Hunting", and hunt those homers!

So you see, while ballhawking, you are performing a myriad of tasks, and making tons of decisions! More tasks than I can actually explain in this article. This is why you should be prepared before hand to have all your gear ready for the game, have a knowledge of the players, and be in shape to tackle your day of ballhawking that you paid a bunch of money to do, and be successful!

I hope this article made you think, and may have helped you out in some way! As always..."GO HAVE A BALL"...I will!

Rocco Sinisi is a contributing columnist to

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