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The Cup Trick: Helping Baseball Fans and Ballhawks Snag More Baseballs!

The BP Retriever is a device to help fans reach baseballs in a space between the outfield wall and seats. On a more personal note, I am a huge baseball fan and have been playing the game since I was 10 years old. Ballhawking has fascinated me; the idea of collecting baseballs and see how many I can snag was exhilarating. The idea to make a "cup trick" came to my attention when at the ballpark, baseballs were being hit into spaces no one could reach down into without some sort of device to assist them. After making my first successful prototype to reach these baseballs, I came upon the idea to sell them after so many people were looking at me as if I had just created fire reaching these unreachable baseballs. At the time, I was 16 years old, so beginning my own business will be a tough task along with staying on top of my studies. Now a year later, I own a growing business named BP Fanatic selling the one and only BP Retriever!

More and more people are coming up with creative ways on how to snag a baseball, first it was the glove, and now it's the retriever. I had to create a product that was more efficient than any other retriever out there if I wanted to start a business and soon become successful. The BP Retriever after months of experimentation is now the most efficient and easy to use retriever ever created. A wheel and axle system was built into the product so it would not tangle. The rope is 15 feet long suitable to reach any baseball at all ballparks. The weight on top is heavy enough to push the ball inside the cup for a snug fit. The mechanism to hold the ball inside the cup is a company secret, Sorry! The BP Retriever is finished with a red liquid plastic and the company logo so it can stand out and be the best looking in the park (you get the idea).

You might begin asking me "how many balls really fall into these spaces?" With the 90% of major league baseball fields that have this space, 25% of all homeruns fall inside the gap. The BP Retriever is another tool used by baseball fans to help them snag as many baseballs possible. Since ballhawking with the BP Retriever, I have doubled the amount of baseballs I get per game! The BP Retriever costs $25; I figured the price of the retriever based on its quality, and the price of a Major League Baseball. If you would like to purchase your own BP Retriever or have any more questions, visit my website at

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