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New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of the Ballhawking community! I hope that you are making good use of the off season to catch up on everything that you neglected during the regular season, including the rehabbing of any nagging injuries. The off season not only gives us a chance to reflect on the past season's successes, but also gives us a chance to plan for the upcoming fun ahead of us with the 2017 baseball season rapidly approaching.

I live close enough to Arizona to enjoy going to Spring Training. I kind of use that as my Ballhawk Spring Training. Sure the baseballs are easier to obtain and do not count in year-end totals, but I have enjoyed it for many years and it is a lot of fun. I try and get as much of the rust off as possible so that when the season starts, I am game ready! This season gives us the added bonus of the World Baseball Classic. For those of you who have not attended, it is more fun baseball, many times without the crowds. This year games will be held in Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles. Good excuses to get away from bad weather locations and see some good baseball.

I am not one who makes New Year's Resolutions, but this year I thought that I would come up with a few for the upcoming 2017 Ballhawk Season.

  1. Get to a few stadiums that I have never been to.
  2. Give away even more baseballs.
  3. Introduce more people to ballhawking.
  4. Stay to the end of more games.
  5. Make memories.
  6. Try not to foul anyone trying to catch a ball.
  7. Stay healthy and injury free.
  8. Make new friends and enjoy some games with old ones.
  9. Take family members to more games.
  10. Have fun!

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming 2017 season. Remember to enjoy yourself and have fun!

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