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A View From Deep Left


WAIT; DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT WE'RE NETTED IN!!! So, a few goofballs that can't payattention, just put the ball hawking community in a tail spin! I mean, C'mon!!! As you can tell, I'm not to happy about it, and I bet the rest of you out there are probably not too happy about it either! All in the name of "SAFETY", we all have to suffer now! I figure that our yearly totals will be down on account of this craziness, as we will probably not be able to snag as many 3rd Out Balls, some Long Toss Balls, Umpire Balls, etc.

Rockets down the line in some parks..."SEE YA"!!! First Basemen/Coach/Umpire toss-ups...NOPE!!! Bat-Boy/Bat-Girl Toss-Ups in some parks...DIFFICULT!!!

I can predict that there will be more interest in purchasing seats farther down the 1st, and 3rd base lines, in hopes of Ball Hawks trying to snag a 3rd Out Balls from outfielders, as the outfielder runs in from the outfield after a great catch.

Obviously, the ball hawking travails will vary from park to park. I have been watching non-stop baseball since the season has started, and I am not too pleased with what I have noticed in reference to the new netting. I haven't been to a game yet this season, but I know how stupid this is going to be!

I know I am getting older, and I don't even try and go for Umpire Balls, or 3rd Out Balls much anymore, but in the case that I might feel great that day, and might want to feel young again, and challenge myself that day, well, I'm not going to be able to in my park! But as "PAPA BALL HAWK", that I sometimes am, I feel bad for the kids that want to chase after them, but won't be able to!!!

Of course, the stadium personnel that manage the ball parks could care less about ball hawks, and ball hawking! Their only concern is for the safety of the average fan, which is understandable, but they just took half the fun out of our sport/hobby.

Well, Boys & Girls, there it is...we're hosed!!! I don't think that once the netting has gone up, they will ever pull it back down...I hope I'm wrong, but I think as people become more, and more careless & distracted with their awareness, it is here to stay.

I'm sure that there are other ball hawking scenarios that I haven't mentioned here, but you get the idea.

So, all I can tell you is; do the best you can, and have as much fun with the sport as you can. I'm sure some of us will find a way around some of these limitations!

Tell me what you think. As always, have a ball...I will!

Rocco Sinisi is a contributing columnist to

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