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MGB Commissioners Corner

Meet the new Commissioners of

We have the honour of being the new Commissioners and, let me say, we are very excited to be taking over the reigns from Alan, who did such a great job over the years.

Richard Thomson (left) and Bob Hughes,
October 14, 2015, Jose Bautista bat flip playoff game 5 vs Rangers

We caught this ball in not such a glamorous fashion, but nonetheless it was a playoff game ball. The then Blue Jay first base coach, Tim Leiper, threw it up after we excessively yelled his name, we think just to shut us up, as he came off the field between innings. We've had a love for baseball and going to games our whole lives and look forward to building this community to make its presence stronger and bigger than ever.

The website will remain as is for the next 6-8 weeks until we can retool with a new look and added functionality. Don't worry about losing your existing data as it will be transferred over so that you can continue piling up the stats and climbing the ballhawking ranks.

Stay tuned for updates both here and on our social media accounts. Thank you for all the warm wishes we've received so far.

Happy ballhawking,

Richard and Bob

Richard & Bob is a contributing columnist to

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