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Beyond the Fences

Passion, Obsession or Just CRAZY!

So what is your take on Ballhawking? Is chasing a baseball a passion for you? Is it an obsession? Or is it possible that we are all just NUTZ?? Here is my take on what we do called Ballhawking!

We all share a passion for the game of baseball. Most of us played as a kid but didn't get any farther than high school or college ball. We love the game we know the stats and we are definitely fans of the home run. We want to be a part of the game and to us this passion for the game brings us closer to being the ballplayer that is inside of us.

Our PASSION though soon turns into an OBSESSION. We get to the ballpark 3 hours or more before the game. We have to be the first person in line to get in the stadium. We have to be the first one to the left field corner, the right field corner or out to the bleachers.

We are ultimately obsessed with getting a baseball at every game that we go to. We are obsessed with our stats, how we got the balls, who hit it, who threw it and what we will do with it once we get home. Passion for the game and the obsession to catch a baseball or become that 10th fielder is what makes Ballhawking one of the greatest hobbies there is.

Most people however will simply tell you that we are all just CRAZY! We are grown men who will never outgrow their childhood and young kids that will never grow up at all. Can we really argue that point? Maybe we are a little crazy but the fact is we are no different than anyone else that has a passion / obsession for their own hobby!

Ballhawking is all about having fun being passionate, sometimes a little obsessed and occasionally crazy! Without all of that life and Ballhawking would be pretty boring!

Those are just my thoughts .......... What do you think??

John Witt is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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