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A View From the Bleachers

Summer: Where Baseball is King

It's about that time again. Pretty soon, the weather will be heating up and kids will be out of school. In just a couple of weeks you can expect the attendance at major league stadiums to increase by about 3,000 fans a night. And those day games will have more than just a handful of people at them. Oh, and I guess people go to the beach and stuff. Whatever... summertime's almost here. And summer's where baseball reigns.

Who's going to win the NBA championship this year? What about the Stanley Cup? I actually don't care... which is saying a lot in Laker Country. Also, the World Cup will be going strong down in South Africa. But I'm sure if you're like me, your focus is on baseball through all that. Once June is upon us and we get into July... for a couple of months baseball is what's on. Sure, with the creation of MLB Network there's an all-year option for everything baseball on TV. But you'll find that network coverage of MLB games will increase as summer gets here. I love it... and don't get me started on how irritating it is to hear about football stuff starting in May.

School's out for a lot of people already... most colleges are done for the year. Soon, every elementary, middle, and high school will be out for summer vacation. Watch out, ballhawks: more kids at batting practice! Really though, the improved weather in a lot of areas will begin to affect attendance figures, too. Cities like Detroit and Boston and Minneapolis will get less and less rain. Within a few weeks it'll be downright hot in a lot of ballparks. And there's nothing like a game on a calm, summer night.

The All-Star Game will be upon us in just about six weeks. The Midsummer Classic will be right in my backyard this year and I'm hoping to make it to the game. Maybe it's because Southern California is in the midst of "All-Star Summer" or maybe it's because I'm finishing up my last year of school... ever, but I'm totally excited about summer of 2010.

Summer is the time of road trips. Last year I got to see three stadiums I'd never seen before. Are you heading on a trip? Maybe to a new stadium or two? It's a time to travel... it's when most people can find time to get away for a week. There's a relaxed attitude in the summertime. Everything moves at a slower pace, it seems. And the months are filled with baseball.

Summer is my favorite season. My birthday's approaching, Major League Baseball is reigning supreme in TV time and in the hearts and minds of sports fans, and school's out. I'm hoping to make it to at least one more new stadium this year! There's just a sense of fun and mellowness that sweeps over Southern California-and I hope you all over the country feel it, too. Enjoy the season-enjoy the baseball-enjoy life.

Matt Jackson is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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