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BP Out in Left Field

What do 'I' think?

As a self-proclaimed "Texas Baseball Fan" I feel it is almost my duty to share some of my thoughts on the auction that concluded early yesterday morning to determine ownership of the Texas Rangers.

Well to be perfectly honest, my first thought was "It's about time!" Good grief. Could this have been drug out any longer?! Probably, but I was truly tired of hearing about it.So it falls to Rangers Baseball Express which consists of Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg and the one and only Nolan Ryan.

Good. That's the way it should have been all along.

When I heard the news that television magnate Rupert Murdoch was adding his name to the bidding list I had to chuckle. What else was going to happen? It was starting to seem as if everything was shaping up to keep RBE from acquiring the franchise.Thank God that didn't happen!

Technically, it's still not "official". The owners still have to approve the sale at the next owner's meeting which is scheduled for Thursday, August 12, but this appears to be just a formality. What's funny is at the beginning of the week when there seemed to be multiple potential bidders for the Wednesday auction, I had heard something that may be a rumor but I'm not sure. Apparently there was/is an addendum or caveat to the whole auction. Some entity; MLB, the court, someone held the authority to overturn the final high bid.

Example: Let's say that the group that included Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban had the highest final bid at auction end. This particular entity could overrule the bid and make the runner-up the new highest bidder.

Weird huh?

Of course this led to speculation that this was all a way to keep Mark Cuban out of Major League Baseball. For those that may not know, the MLB "suits" do not particularly care for Mr. Cuban's ownership style.

Whether any of this is true and factual, we may never know. Though it sure made for some hot sports opinions to be tossed around our neck of the woods in the last week or so.Another detail that I heard ....

Back when RBE made their initial bid for the Rangers which I believe was in December or January, they were asked to raise this initial bid by another 25 million dollars to compensate for the land and parking lots. They declined. In the months since, the Hicks Sports Group (the previous owners) removed the land and parking lots from the sale, and during the auction RBE upped their bid another 60-65 million and lost the land and parking lots because they wouldn't agree to pay an additional 25 million.

Again, this could be hearsay, but it sure added an odd dimension to this whole saga.So where do I stand on this? As I stated earlier, I feel that Nolan Ryan and his group should have had this thing all along. The fact that it drug out as long as it did didn't help them, the team, the fans, or anyone, but now that it's just about done they can go about business as usual.

Like signing potential free agents, making plans for ballpark improvements, resigning manager Ron Washington, moving forward with the franchise and putting this whole mess behind them.Being a fan, I am very excited to see what the remainder of this season has in store as well as next season. We may be in for changes we have never thought of now that we have an ownership team that "knows" baseball and has the franchise and fans in mind over themselves.

Brian Powell is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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