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Tales From the Ivy

My Life As a Cubs Fan

Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs is not an easy task. Considering we have not won a World Series in over 100 years, waiting another whole year is not as unbearable as one would imagine. Before I go on, my name is Peter Skiadopoulos. I am sixteen years old and entering my junior year of High School. More importantly, I am lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. It has been an arduous, yet intriguing lifestyle. Take this season for example, a team with the third highest payroll in all of the majors, yet the doormat of the NL Central. But hey, as long as my Cubbies are still going out there every day I will be watching. Sine this is my first column, I decided to talk mainly about my team. In columns to come I will be more fair and impartial.

From the time I was first introduced to the Cubs and the game of baseball itself, I have always loved it. It's the first time you step foot onto your little league field to the first time you enter a big league ballpark. That magical moment transpires into something that is unexplainable. In my opinion, the aura of a ballpark can scintillate a boy's mind better than any good looking woman can, albeit good looking women are always scintillating to look at. As almost all fans of the sport know, baseball is a game that can ruin friendships, change lives, and even drive some fanatics (ex. Cubs fans) to go insane. But it is that moment of hope that brings us back to the ballpark everyday and allows us to keep on cheering for our team where deep down inside we know is going nowhere.

My ballhawking career is not the most impressive. Eleven balls over a span of five games will not get me enshrined in the Hall, but as we all know 'hawking is fun and so difficult to stop. The majority of games I go to are at Wrigley Field, which is not so ballhawk friendly. However, Chicago is blessed with another "team" which happens to have lax security that does not enforce many rules which allows for a pristine ballhawking experience. Going to games for me is not just for ballhawking. I like to watch and focus on the game my team is battling in.

There have been a vast amount of reasons/excuses for why the Cubbies have not world a World Series in the past century. You see, when we do have the chance to make it, take 2003 for example, something constantly arises which brings up the unthinkable. Who knew a foul ball caught by a true Cubs fan would start a revolution against him and drive him away from his team that he has devoted his time to. Considering this is a ballhawk website, I am guessing 99% of the members would have done exactly what the infamous Steve Bartman tried to do. It goes beyond Bartman. You know you are I hate to say it, cursed, when a black cat magically runs onto the field and circles the on deck hitter who happens to be one of the best on the team. This is the past and the first thing anyone should know about all Cubs fans is, "There's always next year!"

Peter Skiadopoulos is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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