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My Book, Charlie Sheen and an Almost EPIC Shoutout!!

Last week I got the crazy idea of sending one of my books to Charlie Sheen. I sent a copy of "Taking Home A Piece Of The Game" to Charlie at his "Sober Valley Lodge". As I tracked the book and it's travels online via USPS I got a bad feeling in my gut. It was out for delivery and then was back at the sorting facility in Santa Clarita.

I had sent the book to the address with Los Angeles as the city and not Beverly Hills. So I figured that in a couple of days the book would be returned to me and I would have to resend it. So I waited for the book to return but it never came back. Getting worried I went online to check and see where it was and to my amazement it said DELIVERED on Sat. at 9:17am.

Ok so now I knew that my book had been delivered and the main reason I sent it was in an attempt to get an interview with Charlie for So I spent the next day and a half waiting for the phone to ring or for an email to pop into my gmail account. While I had my hopes set high I knew that more than likely nothing would come of it.

Then on USTREAM comes Sheen's Korner with the first night being live. On Ustream you can Tweet in and ask questions etc but it was so unorganized (Sorry Charlie) that it was unlikely that my questions of him getting the book would be read or even seen. If I got really lucky it would show up on his desk that first night but to no avail.

So on went the Charlie Sheen solo blast's and Torpedoes of Truth and no sign of my book or anything. Then came last nights FINAL EPISODE of Sheens Korner. Charlie went on his rant about the execs that fired him and everything else and at the 7:06 in the show (recorded on Ustream) Charlie lights up a cigarette and takes a drink of water. I looked at over and over and over again because there was something next to his printer that caught my eye. It was a book and it looked pretty damn close to my book.

I have looked at this photo over and over again and still am not 100% positive that it is in fact my book but it looks a lot like it. Anyway, you can click on the picture to get a larger view and for those of you that have a copy of my book, you make the decision.

After a full night of no sleep wondering if that in fact was my book I decided to try to get to the bottom of the mystery. I sent an email to the guy with WYTV that produced the show and is a friend of Charlie's. So I simply told him that I was not as crazy as the email sounded but I had to know if therre was a chance that it was my book next to his printer.

This guy was really cool, we sent a few emails back and fourth and he has said that he will mention it and find out if #1 Charlie did get my book and #2 if that was it next to his printer.Ok, so you would think that this is the end of the story but it is not.

In the last email he sent me he added this, "look up roz wyman (my mom) if you are a baseball fan you will be impressed"

It turns out that his mom Roz Wyman was instrumental in getting the Dodgers to leave Brooklyn and head to LA!! That was very cool to find out! He then sent me a couple clips of his son interviewing some Major Leaguers and I returned my 1990 Levis commercial. So if nothing else I have made a friend with a guy that is as much of a baseball fan as I am. He also likely has just as many if not more stories about baseball!

So you might think this now is where the story ends but it doesn't end there either!

About 25 minutes after talking via email to this guy I was just goofing around on Twitter and I checked my @MLBallhawk mentions and saw this

I was really excited about seeing this but evidently my eyes didn't catch the obvious at first. I wrote this story and the original ending was about a cool shoutout from a Warlock and how cool it was but AFTER FURTHER REVIEW look VERY CAREFULLY at the photo above ..... What's wrong with it?? .........DAMN TROLLS!!!

John Witt is a contributing columnist to and also maintains a Blog.

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