Jabs Voted 2010 Ballhawk of the Year
Pittsburgh Ballhawk's Record-Breaking Season Earns Him 22 out of 34 First Place Votes
by Alan Schuster, November 19, 2010
The 2010 Ballhawk of the Year, Erik JabsIn the ballhawking world, 2010 was the year of Erik Jabs, and the ballhawking community confirmed that statement last week by voting Jabs the Ballhawk of the Year. The overwhelming choice for the season's top honor, he earned 22 first place votes and 2 second place votes for a total of 70 points. Jabs made history this season by snagging 544 balls and breaking the single-season record. Over 88 games, he averaged 6.18 balls per game, recorded 14 double-digit games, and snagged six game balls including two game home run balls. The highlights for his season are almost too many to mention, but they include snagging home run balls in both Cleveland and Pittsburgh, snagging 13 balls in one game at PNC Park, snagging his 1,000th career baseball, snagging two foul balls in one game on two separate occasions, and of course breaking the single-season record. Jabs' 544 balls break down into 384 at PNC Park, 108 at Progressive Field, 18 at Nationals Park, 16 at Camden Yards, 13 at Great American Ballpark, and 5 at Citi Field. In terms of how he snagged his balls, 260 were hit, 130 were thrown, 76 were retrieved, and 78 were found. Following Jabs in the voting were Zack Hample (43 points), Nick Pelescak (25 points), Dave Edlund (9 points), Ballhawk Shawn (9 points), Rob McCoy (6 points), Rick Gold (6 points), and Don Chilcote (4 points). Here's the complete results:
erikj 222070
zackhample 69743
nicholaspnc 19425
daveedlund 1229
shawn77 0339
bbshagger 1116
jqfc 0146
ranter 0204
mannywood 1003
mhersl 1003
padreleigh 1003
ballhawknet 0113
devot 0113
happy 0113
jfaraguna 0113
wardyhawk 0102
gbarasch 0022
bhuff 0011
dodgerfilms 0011
ghman 0011
krackersdad 0011
sonicmaj 0011
twins47 0011
txbasebalfan 0011


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