Photo Scavenger Hunt Hits the Home Stretch
Cook and Sons Hold Big Lead; Fischer, Weiss Round Out the Top Three
by Alan Schuster, August 30, 2011
This photo, taken at the BallhawkFest softball game, earned Mateo Fischer 4 points in the Scavenger Hunt.Todd Cook, along with sons Tim and Kellan, are primed to become repeat winners of the Photo Scavenger Hunt. Heading into the final month of the regular season, the father/sons team have compiled 81 points out of a possible 130, holding the first place position by over 40 points. Following behind the Cooks in the standings are Mateo Fischer (34 points), Zac Weiss (28 points), Howie (17 points), Kyle Briggs (12 points), Mark Morris (4 points), Matt Jackson (3 points), and Will LaRusso (1 point). Weiss, Fischer, and Tim Cook are tied for the highest point-earning photo at 8 points. All three were able to successfully capture a photo of themselves on a stadium JumboTron. Clearly the contest is the Cooks to lose at this stage in the game, but a late-season surge by one of their competitors could make things interesting. A 50 dollar gift card to is on the line. View All Scavenger Hunt submissions on the Scavenger Hunt page


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