Cook and Son Reach Century Mark
100th Career Baseball is a Jay Buente Toss-Up on the Anniversary of Tim's First Game
by Alan Schuster, September 14, 2010
Tim Cook, just four years old, proudly holds up his 100th baseball.Four years ago, on September 12, 2006, seven-month old Tim Cook attended his first ever MLB game and snagged the first baseball of his life with a little help from his father Todd. Since then, the Cooks have made it a yearly tradition to attend a game every year on September 12 to commemorate Tim's "MLB Debut." This past Sunday at Nationals Park marked the fourth anniversary, and the occasion was made extra special by the fact that the Father-Son duo would have the opportunity to snag their 100th career baseball. "Tim thinks that '100' is just about the biggest and best number ever," Todd wrote on his blog. "When trying to describe something *HUGE*, Tim often invokes the number 100 (e.g., 'It was ONE HUNDRED BIG!')". The Cooks arrived in Washington DC with 98 career baseballs, hoping to reach the hundred mark before Tim's baby brother Kellan begins joining them at games. Just a couple of months ago, Todd didn't foresee them reaching 100 before Kellan's first game on October 1, but a huge 10-ball game in Cleveland on August 14 put the goal within reach. With batting practice cancelled due to wet conditions on the field, getting the two balls needed to reach the goal would be difficult. Opportunities were indeed scarce during the pre-game period but they managed to get on the board when the Marlins' Alex Sanabia tossed up a ball to Tim. And with that snag the excitement started to build that the next ball would be the big number 100. It took another 40 minutes, but the big moment did indeed arrive. Marlins' pitcher Jay Buente walked up to Tim after playing catch in the outfield and hooked him up the milestone baseball. Todd was thrilled, but Tim was undoubtedly the happiest person in the stadium at that moment. "After Buente went on his way, Tim held up the baseball up and proclaimed with joy 'We've got *one hundred* baseballs!!'" Those 100 baseballs are perhaps the most well-documented baseballs in ballhawking history. Todd has blogged religiously over the years, carefully recording every detail of the ballparks they attend, the players they see and interact with, and of course the balls they snag. He has posted hundreds of pictures that will preserve these special memories for many years to come. "Although '100' seems like a ton of baseballs, each one has been special to us," Todd wrote. "We haven't forgotten a detail about how any of these 100 baseballs came into our hands. To every player, coach, trainer, umpire and stadium attendant who has picked Tim out as a worthy recipient of an official MLB baseball, each of you made our day and we offer a very sincere: Thank you!!!" To see the full report on Todd and Tim's 100th ball, head over to the Cook and Son Bats Blog


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