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At, we recognize that ballhawking, like any hobby, includes both serious hobbyists and casual hobbyists. The serious ballhawks greatly value the competitive aspect of and want to ensure that their fellow competitors are honorable and trustworthy. They don't want to have to worry about the leaderboards being cluttered with unknown members who seemingly haven't met or interacted with anyone from the community. On the other hand, the casual ballhawks just want to have fun, keep track of their collection, and connect with other ballhawks. They don't particularly care about the leaderboards, and they generally think that the serious ballhawks take ballhawking way too seriously. We feel that has room for both the serious and casual ballhawk, which is why we've developed the Member Verification System. This system allows members to become "Verified", meaning that they are regarded by the community as being legitimate ballhawkswho are seen as trustworthy. Starting in 2014, only Verified members will be eligible to appear on the leaderboards and play Survivor Pools (Season/Lifetime leaders, Season/Lifetime records, Stadium leaders, or Top Games). Meanwhile, casual ballhawks or people who don't care about being Verified can continue to track their collection on their page without any change. So how does one become Verified? has identified a trustworthy member at each ballpark who is in charge of verifying members. Since the judgment of these individuals is trusted by the community, they are given full discretion in determining who to verify and how to verify them. Will they force you to prove that you did indeed snag every ball you've claimed to have snagged? No. Will they simply "rubber stamp" you and verify you with no questions asked. No. It'll be somewhere in between, and any disputes that arise will be handled on a case by case basis by Admins Bob & Richard. So if you'd like to get verified, simply contact your local Verifier on the list below and send them an email to express your desire to be verified. They'll take it from there.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Nationals Park, Tropicana Field, Fenway ParkDoug Hakey
Citizens Bank ParkRyan Feuerstein
Yankee Stadium, Citi FieldBen Weil
Rogers CentreJustin Swartz
PNC Park, Progressive FieldErik Jabs
Great American BallparkRocco Sinisi
Target FieldNate Duppler
Miller Park, Wrigley FieldBallhawk Shawn
Marlins ParkDennis Mora
Guaranteed Rate FieldYacov Steinberg
T-Mobile ParkKelly Brynes
AT&T ParkSpencer Sanborn
Oakland ColiseumBilly Ho
Angels StadiumMatt Jackson
Dodger StadiumDevin Trone
Minute Maid ParkAngel Arroyo
Kauffman StadiumRobby Malone
PETCO ParkLeigh Barratt
Turner FieldDavid Welch
Busch StadiumNathan Simon
Comerica ParkBlake MacIsaac
Globe Life ParkTrevor Wyatt
Chase FieldNick Badders
Coors FieldAlan Schuster

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