Cook and Son Crowned Scavenger Hunt Champions
With Two Photos in Baltimore, Todd and Tim Successfully Earn All 100 Points
by Alan Schuster, September 27, 2010
A Dallas Cowboys fan showed up for a baseball game at Nationals Park, giving Todd and Tim an opportunity to score some scavenger hunt points.Todd and Tim Cook arrived in Baltimore last weekend needing just two photos to become the first members to complete the 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt. The first: a photo with an usher who is about to cut the string on a ball retriever. The second: a photo with a guy with a mullet. The first would be a challenge because they've never used a ball retriever before, and getting a pair of scissors past stadium security would be difficult. The second would also be a challenge because the mullet went out of style in the 1980's. But with some determination and a little bit of luck, Cook and Son managed to complete both photos to successfully attain all 100 points and win a $25 MLB Gift Card. For the ball retriever photo, Todd actually came prepared without even realizing it. A pair of plastic craft scissors was in his pocket, left over from a household project, and he didn't even discover that he had them until he reached into his back pocket during BP. He managed to rig up a makeshift glove trick, and then got in touch with myGameBalls member Avi Miller who was able to refer him to the friendliest usher in the building, "Ms. Kelly." He approached her and told what he wanted to do, and Ms. Kelly was glad to help stage the photo between innings. Ironically, a Camden Yards employee was also the source of his final photo of the contest. Todd tracked down a beer vendor with a long, flowing mullet and successfully got a photo with him. A 9-pointer, it was the most valuable photo in the contest. "We had a blast competing in the scavenger hunt this season," Todd said. "Generally, we tried to get one new picture each game and it added a fun new twist to each ball game." Not surprisingly, the contest was a big hit with his four year-old son Tim. "When I asked Tim what his favorite pictures were to get, his first comment was the photos with the Phillies ballgirls," Todd remarked. "He was very shy to approach the first ballgirl. But then I told him it will help us win the scavenger hunt and he was totally on board. He's a competitive little guy. The ballgirls were really nice and both gave Tim autographed ballgirl baseball cards. Other Tim favorites include first bumping Joel Piniero, fist bumping Zack Hample, meeting Jamie Moyer and getting a photo with Cowboy Joe West." Interestingly, Todd and Tim listed winning the scavenger hunt contest as one their goals for the season way back in April. Here's Cook and Son's complete collection of scavenger hunt photos, the newest ones listed first:

Head over to the Cook and Son Bats Blog for more cool photos of Todd and Tim Here's the final standings:
Thanks to all who participated. The second annual Photo Scavenger Hunt will take place next season, and the list will hopefully be comprised entirely from member suggestions. Got any ideas? Send them to


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