Andruski Scores Upper Deck Home Run Ball
David Ross Bomb Hits the Seats in the Upper Deck, Bounces to Outfielder Who Issues Toss-Up
by Alan Schuster, May 2, 2011
The home run ball ended up in Andruski's glove after hitting the upper deck and being retrieved by outfielder Camero Maybin.When San Diego ballhawk Mark Andruski got his hands on a game home run ball at PETCO Park a couple weeks ago, he wanted to learn everything he possibly could about the history of the baseball he had snagged. So when he got home, he went to the video tape. "That ball went through warm ups, started the inning, got a pop up, ground out and then the home run," Andruski said. "Six pitches in all and three batters. Not a bad life for a MLB gamer." This snag wasn't as exciting as some of Andruski's past home run snags, but it was a game home run ball nonetheless. David Ross hit a tape measure shot into the upper deck, but with the poor attendance there was nobody there to snag it. It bounced back to the field, right in front of where Andruski was sitting in the left field bleachers. Outfielder Camero Maybin picked it up, looked around and saw Andruski in the front row. Maybin tossed it right to him, hooking him up with his first game-used ball of the season. Sensing that other ballhawks may not consider it a true "Gamer," Andruski remarked "It still counts right?!. Either way it is a MLB game home run." The debate continues... Check out Mark Andruski's complete collection on his Member Page


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