Ballhawks Vote on 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees
Griffey, Hoffman, and Piazza Selected for Hall by myGameBalls Members
by Tony Voda, January 7, 2016
Piazza, Griffey, and Hoffman - Ballhawks' 2016 HOF selections.And the 2016 MLB Hall of Fame class is...

  • Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Trevor Hoffman
  • Mike Piazza
And to make it crazier, Ken Griffey Jr. was the first ever unanimous choice! Wait. Didn't the writers come out and announce that Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mike Piazza made the list, with Griffey receiving a record 99.3% of the vote? Yes, but that doesn't matter. What the people really wanted to know was "who do the crazy people that show up to the stadium hours before gates in hopes of pocketing baseballs think should get a bronze statue?" That's correct, you, the baseball FANATICS (the craziest of the crazies), have voted in the inaugural MyGameBalls Hall of Fame ballot and chosen the three men listed above as your class of 2016. The official results are as follows:
Ken Griffey16100.00%
Trevor Hoffman1275.00%
Mike Piazza1275.00%
Jeff Bagwell1062.50%
Roger Clemens956.25%
Edgar Martinez850.00%
Mike Mussina850.00%
Curt Schilling850.00%
Barry Bonds743.75%
Mark McGwire531.25%
Billy Wagner531.25%
Sammy Sosa531.25%
Gary Sheffield425.00%
Alan Trammell425.00%
Nomar Garciaparra318.75%
Fred McGriff318.75%
Lee Smith318.75%
Jim Edmonds318.75%
Tim Raines318.75%
Larry Walker318.75%
Jason Kendall212.50%
Mike Lowell16.25%
Jeff Kent16.25%
Brad Ausmus16.25%
Troy Glaus16.25%
Randy Winn16.25%
Mark Grudzielanek00.00%
Mike Sweeney00.00%
Mike Hampton00.00%
Garret Anderson00.00%
David Eckstein00.00%
Luis Castillo00.00%
If we were to follow similar rules as the BBWAA, those receiving 5% or less of the votes would be eliminated. Since we only had 16 votes and that means 1 vote is already more than 5%, I chose to have the cut-off at less than 2 votes (12.5%). That is great news for Jason Kendall and everyone north of the border -- my condolences to the coach Brad Ausmus and the rest of the "1 vote and unders". So what do you think? Did we get it right? Who got snubbed and who got more support than what they deserve? I'll point you over to a few of our member's blogs to reveal their ballot, hopefully next year you decide to do the same (and participate in the 2017 voting).


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